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The original Montecristo is among the best Dominican cigars made today. Its golden-blond Connecticut Shade wrapper conceals a mellow and tasteful blend of Dominican long-fillers in a collection of traditional sizes, the most popular of which is the world-famous No. 2. A buttery and grassy profile of nuts and cedar appeals to new cigar lovers everywhere. If you’re a connoisseur of Connecticut cigars, Montecristo belongs in your rotation.

Montecristos belong to the alto category, that is, considered one of the five best brands of habanos according to Habanos , the state-owned company that controls the distribution, quality and export of Cuban cigars.

Montecristos made in La Romana (Dominican Republic) are distributed by Altadis SA, a division of Imperial Tobacco .

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The Montecristo cigars for sale brand was created in 1935 in Havana by Alonso Ménendez, a Spanish businessman established in Cuba since 1930, following the acquisition he had just made of the Particulares cigar factory, which produced the brands Particulares and Byron.

In 1937, the Ménendez family bought the H. Upmann factory , which took over the production of Montecristo cigars. The commercial choice consists in developing a range, then limited to five modules, numbered from 1 to 5, of high quality. It also quickly found a fairly large export audience, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, where it was distributed by Dunhill.

During the Second World War, the biggest market for the brand was located in the United States, until the blockade imposed following the arrival of Fidel Castro in power in Havana .

In 1969, the brand expanded its range with several new modules (Especiales N°1 and N°2 and Joyitas), which were offered in addition to classic cigars. It will be further expanded in 1971 (modules A and B), then in the early 2000s (Edmundo and Petit Edmundo).

Habana Montecristo N°4 is considered the benchmark Cuban cigar for sale, the best-selling in the world, within a brand that represents a fifth of the world market.

The name of the cigar originates from the practice of public reading that was common in Cuban cigar factories in the 19th century order to distract the workers making the cigars. According to writer Alberto Manguel it was Cuban cigar makers who immigrated to Key West, Florida, who named this cigar in homage to the famous novel by French writer Alexandre Dumas  :

“The texts that were the subject of these readings, chosen according to the prior agreement of the workers (…) included tracts and political stories as well as novels and collections of modern and classical poetry. There were favourites: Le Comte de Monte-Cristo , by Alexandre Dumas, for example, became so popular that a group of workmen wrote to the author shortly before his death in 1870 asking his permission to give the name of his hero to one of their cigars. Dumas consented to this

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