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Over the years, the Montecristo No 4 has almost become a category of its own. Absolutely essential, this Montecristo No. 4 is the best selling Havana in the world.

An exceptional cigar that benefits from a rigorous and meticulous manufacturing process. This Petit Corona expresses itself on earthy, herbaceous and spicy notes, the whole supported by an obvious strength and a lot of nervousness.

A flagship product of the Montecristo factory, itself a benchmark in Havana, Montecristo No 4 for sale has won over demanding connoisseurs thanks to its consistency and regularity, which elegantly accompany the consumer from the first to the last third.

This cigar measures 167mm in length and 16.67mm in diameter.

The Buy Montecristo No. 4 is unrivalled in consistency and worldwide sales. For any lover of quality, this is the go–to cigar. In terms of popularity and flavour, this truly is the benchmark against which all other cigars are judged.

As the name suggests, the Montecristo No.4 was the fourth in the initial Montecristo Cigars range created by the Alonso Menendez Company in the 1940s. The name Montecristo comes from the hero of the famous novel ‘The Count of Montecristo’. During the 1970s and 1980s this range of cigars grew in popularity and quickly became one of Cuba’s top lines.

Nowadays, it’s the most popular handmade cigar in the world. The construction is firm and well made – as expected from a fine Cuban cigar – and it requires a minimum ageing time of at least three years.

When lit, the cigar produces a smooth and lush smoke, pungent with the scents of roasted-coffee, caramel, vanilla and cocoa, which blends seamlessly with the medium-strength tobacco. This cigar is not too full-bodied but not too light, providing a perfect combination. It offers so much flavour without being too overwhelming or sharp, making it perfect for novice smokers too.

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