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The Cohiba red dot cigar is an exquisite cigar with an esteemed reputation for absolute quality and rich flavor. A true icon of a cigar, the Cohiba Red Dot Robusto is rich tasting, perfectly balanced and creamy-smooth, with a toasty aroma. The smoke is toasty and dry, with some woody flavors. Mild to medium bodied, the Dominican Cohiba Red Dot is a deeply satisfying cigar, rich in flavor and that will not overpower. This blend took years to develop. This famous cigar is made with a toothy Cameroon wrapper and aged mixture of Dominican-grown Piloto Cubano tobaccos, the Cohiba Red Dot price blend is the standard by which other Dominican cigars are measured.

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A characteristic of Cuban cigars is that they’re all puros, which means that they’re made only from Cuban tobacco. Meanwhile, New World cigars are often blended from tobaccos from many different countries.

These are traits are both double-edged swords. While Cohiba red dot price cigars enjoys a rich identity that can be likened to a terroir, it is limited to only what the country produces.

Meanwhile, New World cigars can combine a diverse variety of tobacco like Mexican San Andrès binders, Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers, and volcanic Ometepe fillers. Yet, it sometimes means that they end up lacking an identity as a result. Yet, many cigar manufacturers have also started producing their own puros in order to express their country’s identities, too.

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Arguably, the Cuban cigar industry declined while its New World peers began to truly thrive. Starting with a dynamic American market, demand eventually started to grow overseas in Europe and in Asia. Indeed, until the cigar boom of the 1990s, international markets had always focused mostly on Cuban cigars.

Today, you can easily argue that New World cigars are often of equal quality to those from Cuba and they’re sometimes better. Nevertheless, Cohiba red dot robusto Cuba still has an undyingly romantic reputation for its cigars.

Rather than arguing which one is better, a more pragmatic approach would be to appreciate a cigar for what it represents. Like wine, whisky, or rum, a cigar is a unique expression of its own culture and climate through a sensorial experience.


Each Cohiba cigars red dot listed here has been either fully-reviewed or at least formally tested using the Bespoke Unit Cigar Formula. We developed this quantifiable review matrix to ensure that our reviews are both balanced and standardised.

It has been used for all of our cigar reviews since we evaluated the Avo Nicaragua in August 2019. Since then, it has been carefully revised in order to improve its accuracy and reliability.

Consequently, you can be confident that the cigars listed here were carefully and thoughtfully curated rather than assembled by random.

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