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It is often claimed that the best Cohiba cigars in the world come from Cuba. While this may have once been the case and there is still a lot to be said in favour of Cuban cigars, much has changed since the Cuban revolution!

Indeed, stories are often told of cigar manufacturers who fled Cuba during the turmoil to settle in neighbouring countries. In fact, many Cuban cigars for sale had already fled their native country following the aftermath of the Spanish-American War as well as the Ten Years’ War that preceded it so migration wasn’t a new phenomenon.

Although nearby territories like Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic had already been growing tobacco for centuries, they didn’t enjoy the same esteem as Cuba. Therefore, many of these manufacturers had to work hard in order to be noticed.

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Until the turn of the 20th century, most Cohiba cigar for sale factories outside of Cuba were actually in the USA with a large portion in Key West and Tampa, Florida, as well as New York. Consequently, Cuba was among the only countries where the entire manufacturing process took place.

Eventually, new factories would open in the New World counties, too. Efforts were made to develop new strains of tobacco better adapted to climates that differed from Cuba’s famous Vuelta Abajo fields in the Pinar del Río region. Similarly, the soil needed to be worked in order to yield better crops.

Nevertheless, a large portion of the work involved marketing. Although the American market suddenly demanded cigars from elsewhere, this so-called “New World” tobacco was often regarded as inferior to that of Cuba.

It took years for New World tobacco to overcome this stigma, but it eventually thrived. Producers combined traditional method with new techniques while placing an emphasis on cohiba cigars price quality and accessibility. Blenders experimented with different tobaccos to create new sensations while manufacturers focused on unparalleled quality control.

New World cigars were often cheap and easy to find but were also well-made and of high quality

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The nationalisation of Cohiba Cuban cigars production caused notable changes in the country’s industry. Firstly, all the different brands were now owned by the Cuban government. Arguably, the different labels risked losing their unique identities, especially since they were often handmade under the same roof.

Meanwhile, some of the country’s most leading experts had left to produce cigars elsewhere. Therefore, there were also some leadership issues, which lead to poor management decisions. Tobacco was sometimes planted in unsuitable areas, crops failed and attempts to create new hybrids were unsuccessful.

Cohina Cuban cigars difficulties came to a head when the Soviet Union collapsed. Until then, the country lived under what was known as the “Special Period” through subsidies from the USSR. When this privilege came to an end, tobacco farming experienced fuel and fertiliser shortages.

Newer generations of artisans were often poorly trained, which also lead to a decline in quality as well as quality control. Cuban cigars would eventually earn a reputation for regularly being plugged because they were too tightly rolled.

In 1994, Cuba founded Habanos S.A., a new entity that would control the production, promotion, and distribution of its cigars. Renewed efforts were made to improve Cuban cigar quality, which was then revitalised when tobacco giant Altadis purchased 50% of Habanos S.A. in 2000.

Indeed, it is widely believed that Altadis greatly influenced Cohiba cigars Cuba into returning to traditional production techniques as well as using more modern marketing methods. Much of Cuba’s former glory has been restored and with Altadis’ share of Habanos S.A. now jointly owned by Allied Cigar Corp and Gemstone Investment Holding Ltd., hopefully the trend will continue.

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